Will I get paid? and/or How much does the program cost?

Participating organizations hire the BUMP Participant at a minimum of 25 hrs/week at minimum wage. The BUMP Participant will be placed on the organization’s payroll and be an employee of that organization. The only expense for the BUMP Program is rent of $250/month. This includes housing, utilities, internet, and laundry.


How do I apply?

Go to our APPLY page and fill out the application. The BUMP administrator will contact you regarding your application and next steps.


Where will I live?

BUMP Participants will live at the Loretto Rectory, a large beautiful residence on Buffalo’s West Side, located within walking distance of all required BUMP activities.


When does the program begin and end?

This coming year’s term will begin Tuesday September 3rd, 2019, and will end Friday August 28, 2020.  


Can I get college credit through BUMP?

At this time BUMP cannot directly offer college credit through a specific accredited institution.


Who is the program for?

BUMP is for young adults interested in participating in a year of service, growth, community, and training. BUMP participants should be strongly committed to Jesus. Participants should be interested in the urban context, multi-cultural community, issues of poverty, and post-Christian culture. Participants should be capable of engaging in college level study and discourse, and they should be interested in working to advance the Kingdom of God. You should have no prior commitments that would inhibit your ability to give a year to BUMP.


What exactly will I be doing?

You will be given the opportunity to work with us to choose the service opportunity that best suits you. If you have no idea, we will work with you to figure that out! Just contact us. See our Job Placement page.


Is the neighborhood safe?

Overall, the neighborhood is safe. Participants are advised to take wise precautions such as keeping doors locked, not walking alone after dark, and using sturdy bike locks; but overall participants feel safe and comfortable living in this neighborhood.


What will I do for transportation?

Almost everything will be accessible by walking or bicycle. Buffalo is very bike friendly and has a working bus system. Cars can be parked on the street outside your home. In a pinch, there are several people who will be willing and able to give you a ride.


Where will I buy food and other items?

You will live within blocks of several local grocers, butchers, and markets. These are within easy walking distance, and offer affordable choices for groceries. Larger retail stores are within easy biking distance or on bus routes.


Can I participate in BUMP for less than a year?

The short answer is 'yes;' however this would be determined on a case-by-case basis.


What are the potential difficulties?

Winter is cold, community is hard, and the systemic brokenness of the city can be overwhelming. Additionally, BUMP will require you to think about things that you might never have considered before, or to take responsibility for things you wouldn't otherwise think to engage. We love this city and can see God's evident love for it. We fully intend to support you through a powerfully transformative year of learning and service.


What is there to do for fun in the neighborhood?

Buffalo is a vibrant city with a strong value for outdoor summer and winter activities, a great culture of music, art, theatre, and food, and a treasure trove of architectural gems. Buffalo also has a rich diversity of people and cultures.


Is BUMP a Church?

No, we are a collaboration of multiple churches and non-profits.


Who runs BUMP?

The leadership team of BUMP is a group comprised of local pastors and community leaders.


Is BUMP a 501c3 or something like it?

No. BUMP is a DBA that is operating under the legal covering of the Buffalo Vineyard Church. They are a 501c3 and have agreed to oversee our legal and financial dealings.


Can other churches and organizations participate?

Absolutely, just contact us to discuss in more detail! If you have other questions, please email us at buffalourbanmission@gmail.com