Potential placements for September 2018

Urban Farming   –   Children's ministry and community outreach   –   education coordinating  –   Ministry for pregnant refugee mothers  –   Accounting and business  –   Refugee After-School Program   –   Development Director  –   Work Readiness Training –   East African Muslim Missions Work   –   Shelter for Asylum Seekers  –   Other

Urban Farming - Five Loaves Farm

Engage with the 5 Loaves Farm, help with farm activities including preparing beds, shoveling manure, weeding, harvesting and delivering crops, learn technical farming skills, mentor youth employed by the farm.

Children's Ministry and Community Outreach - Anchor church

Coordinate and work with the church's children's ministry, and serve through community outreach, helping organize community events and programs so people can hear and see the Gospel. 

Education Coordinating - Harvest house

Assist with administrative work and volunteer coordinating for education programs and ministries in Buffalo's inner city. 

Support pregnant refugee mothers through friendship, education, pre-natal appointments, and acquiring supplies. Assist with the program's administrative work, volunteer coordinating, and mentoring. 

Ministry for Pregnant refugee mothers - Jericho Road Community Health Center

Support refugees in starting and expanding businesses. Provide financial support and complete data entry and statistical projects. 

Accounting and Business - WEDI

Coordinate and teach in an after-school program for refugee students, create and implement lesson plans, and develop relationships with the students. 

Refugee After-School Program - WEDI

Develop and implement marketing plans, coordinate fundraising campaigns, write grants, and develop donor relationships. 

Development Director - WEDI

Assist in coordinating and teaching in a job training program for inner-city men and women, assist with administrative work, fundraising, and networking, help mentor program participants.

Work Readiness Program - 716 Ministries

Serve at community center, help with youth programs, sports, ESL, SAT prep, and resettlement training, assist with administrative work, love and build relationships with this East African Muslim people group.

East African Muslim Missions Work

Assist with communication, newsletters, donors, social media, and administration, assist with volunteer recruitment and fundraiser, build relationships with the international men, women and children seeking asylum.

Supporting a Shelter for Asylum Seekers - Buffalo Peace House

We have the potential of working together with Americorps. It is possible for a person to have an Americorps placement and partcipate in the BUMP Program. For more information on this please contact us at buffalourbanmission@gmail.com.

Church Ministry

We have the potential of different placements serving at churches in Buffalo. Placements could include youth, music, or children's ministry or administrative work. 

Interested in one or more of these positions??