OUR Mission

Buffalo Urban Mission Partnership is the collaboration of churches and ministries in Buffalo for the purpose of equipping and training women and men for Kingdom work.

Our Theology

As an organization we affirm the historic creeds of the Christian faith that bind all orthodox believers together in doctrine.  We affirm the triune nature of the godhead: God as the Father and creator of all that we see and don’t see; Jesus as the divine and human King over all creation; and the Holy Spirit who is at work in our lives and our world.  We are committed to living under the rule and reign of Christ and training others to do the same. We receive atonement from the cross, and because of the bodily resurrection of Jesus, we hope in the future of a renewed creation.  Under the mandate of the Scriptures, we maintain the unity of all believers regardless of human divisions, and participate in God’s redemptive mission to the whole world.

Our Partners

We regularly receive questions about who we partner with, and why we choose to partner with the organizations we do.  We see partnership on a sliding scale:

  • Category 0 - Organizations that we cannot partner with because of a fundamental disagreement as to what should be done to promote a flourishing city.  ie organizations that are hostile towards Jesus, and/or are engaging in behaviors that we believe are destructive of society.

  • Category 1 - Organizations that share a common vision as to what should be done to promote a flourishing city, but disagree as to why we engage in the work.  ie secular organizations who are doing good work, and are open to working with Christians.

  • Category 2 - Organizations that share a common vision and common motivation, but differ on particular values and strategies.  ie Christian organizations that have a different theological heritage, cultural heritage, or philosophy of ministry.

  • Category 3 - Organizations that are in complete alignment with our vision, theology, values, and philosophy of ministry.

We partner with organizations in categories 1, 2, and 3, but the nature of the relationships differ in each scenario.  Partnering with Category 1 organizations creates the opportunity for witness within the organization itself, and opens doors to places that Christian organizations may not be able to access.  Partnering with Category 2 organizations creates the opportunity for unity within the body across the “dividing walls of hostility” that have been torn down by Christ’s work on the cross. Partnering with Category 3 organizations creates the opportunity for alignment of vision and purpose that creates high levels of efficacy for mission.